Allow me quickly introduce myself. I am Eric Johnson, and my family and I live in Springfield, Illinois. This family consists of my beautiful wife Ana, our amazing son David, and our most recent addition Claire. They will make many appearances in the pages of these photo galleries.

My profession is in Software Development, so the majority of my days are spent designing and building software. Photography for me is a hobby and creative outlet I have discovered in the recent years, one quite different from the world of writing software.

I thoroughly enjoy being behind the camera and trying to capture the look and feel of the environment around me so that whenever I look at those pictures, I might be taken right back to that moment I clicked the shutter. To be able to look at one of my photos and feel the weather, hear the sounds, and get lost exploring its details; it is the reward toward which I strive.

So please be my guest, and have a look around. I hope you find some images here that you too can enjoy. All images are available for immediate purchase and printing, by clicking the Buy button located around the image.

Thanks for listening, happy viewing!